Monday, December 17, 2012

LionHeart Magazine is One

And i'm in it!

Congratulations to Helen and her bundle of joy - the beautiful LionHeart magazine turned one last week! Hels as has done an amazing job creating such a high quality publication, from what I imagine, essentially comes from a little shed at the back of the garden. I finally managed to grab half an hour to sit down, curl up, and delve into the adventure packed issue, number three.

While my friends begin their adventures and settle down with their family, my only own bundle of joy is seeing my thoughts and words on paper – the print equivalent of my name in flashing lights. I wonder, does that giddy feeling ever disappear? It didn’t this time and I don’t think will the next. Or the time after that. When it does, I think its time to put down the pen and find the next escapade.

I always feel nervous hearing the inbox ping with the new LionHeart theme, and although the next issue won’t be out for a good few months, I can confirm the next one is damn good; abstract, but material, malleable but solid. Can’t wait to get my head down over the holidays and scribble away.

In the meantime, check out my piece in the adventure issue of the new LionHeart Magazine, available online here and in all good bookshops. 

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