Saturday, September 15, 2012

Guest blogger for Bristol Foodie…

I’m still digesting the thought of the Bristol Foodie girls, who managed to chow their way through ten buffet meals during two weeks in August; all in the name of research for the Bristol Good Food Awards 2012 of course. Since launching their blog last year – ‘founded over a bottle of Pinot and a mutual love of all things edible’ – the site has gone from strength to strength, thanks to a great range of reviews, recipes and events around the city. It also helps that we’re completely spoilt for choice here for great eateries, from the quick lunchtime delights of St. Nicks Market, to blow out Michelin Starred restaurants. 

For me, hailing from the far flung depths of Cornwall, the most foodie fabulous thing about Bristol is the smörgåsbord of independent delis and Asian shops we have scattered around. Bristol Sweetmart in Easton is arguably one of the best; a mind boggling array of the the weird, wonderful and staple food stuffs. It has to be experienced. Read my review of the Sweetmart on the BristolFoodie website (thanks girls). Maldive fish flakes and Tamarind Paste anyone…?