Monday, November 14, 2011

Georgian Jauntings

One day last week saw me transported to an Eighteenth-century simple life of country ramblings and fresh air: a lot like the characters of the classic book of the same period that I was reading. 

I’ve struggled with it over the last couple of months, reading little paragraph by distracted paragraph. Bit. By. Bit. But, I finally finished Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice. Probably the worst claim an English literature graduate could ever make. All I needed was a good couple days off work. I got my love of reading back at 8am each blue-skied morning, lazing around still wrapped up in my duvet engrossed in Austen. I finally know what all the fuss about this Mr. Darcey is, and yes, I loved the romance, and I loved the book. Worth the slog.

Similarly well worth the slog was the National Trust’s Bath Skyline walk, the 7km circular route that me and my mum tackled on the same crisp and cloudless day. I say 7km: we did about half of it, starting on North Road and ending up in Prior Park. There were multimillion pound Bath limestone houses all framed in firey Autumn colours. It was also hilly and muddy. I’ve been to Bath a lot but I have never seen the city from this high perspective before. Here’s to reading new old books and old new walks.

All photographs by me.

 “How beautifully leaves grow old..." John Burroughs

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